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Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) is Australia’s largest professional association of massage therapists, herbalists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, naturopaths and nutritionists, representing about 65% of the total profession.



MediHerb was born out of my desire for efficacious herbal therapy. This remains the driving force behind every aspect of the company from herb sourcing, manufacturing and quality assurance under pharmaceutical standards through to our world class education programs. I am proud and grateful to be associated with a company that provides such unparalleled support for the profession”.



Blackmores, Australia’s leading natural health brand, improves peoples’ lives by delivering the world’s best natural health solutions, to become peoples’ first choice in healthcare. We achieve this by translating our unrivalled heritage and knowledge into innovative, quality branded healthcare solutions that work. Our high quality products, reliable free naturopathic advisory service and award-winning website are among the many reasons Blackmores is the most trusted name in natural health.



Bioceuticals is committed to making a real difference in people’s lives by being at the forefront of research and product development, and delivering quality market-leading products backed by exceptional service, information and education.

We are committed to producing the highest quality products available and see this as a reflection of the integrity of our company.


Organic Wholefoods

Organic Wholefoods was started in  1989 by Melbourne man  Scott Kinnear after he found it impossible to buy all his organic grocery shopping at one store. While there were a few organic stores here and there throughout Melbourne, none had everything he needed for his young family.

So, he decided to open a one stop organic grocery shop where customers could do all their weekly and top up shopping.The first store  opened in Lygon St , Brunswick and immediately became a popular destination for the growing number of people concerned about eating healthy food and the environment.

Ten years later, a second store was added in Smith Street, Fitzroy. Today, Organic Wholefoods continues to grow and now offers an extensive online store and home delivery service.

Pregnancy Information

This website is an up to date and extensive source of information on pregnancy, birth and parenting. You’ll be able to find lots of information on midwifery care, pre-conception care, pregnancy, birth, waterbirth, homebirth, vaginal birth after caesarean, postnatal care and breastfeeding. Providing a rich resource for families, midwives and other health professionals to explore options and make informed choices. Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond provides private midwifery services, quality childbirth education and lactation consultations.