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I have suffered from hormonal imbalances for many years – facial flushing, skin breakouts, irregular periods – and found out 12 months ago that this was all due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

After recommendation from a friend, I went to see Josie at Vita Natural Health, hoping she could help with some of my concerns.

6 months later and my skin has completely cleared up, along with my facial flushing, and my cycle is down to 35 days!!

I cannot recommend Josie highly enough! She really takes the time to listen and apply a holistic approach to healing her patients. She offers excellent advice on diet, exercise and stress management and supports this with herbs and supplements.

Felicia - Glenroy

As Josie’s client over many years, her passion for naturopathy shines. Her thoroughness, knowledge and care mean that any time I can recommend her services, I do. Caring for people and being involved in their highs and lows is a calling that not everybody can answer. A true healer with my deepest respect for her honed skills

Andrea - Melbourne

Despite my initial reservations about naturopathy, I saw Josie, she supplied me with these strange tasting brown liquids (that she assures me are legal) and since trying them out, the results speak for themselves, and I keep coming back!

David - Newport

Recently, had a very acute rash breakout.  Through Josie’s dedicated and expert care, I started to get on top of it after first ten days’ of treatment.  My rash has cleared in a month.

In the past, I would have gone to a dermatologist and who would have prescribed steroids.  Then, the rash still stayed with me for as long as 18 months!!

And, why do GPs have such a thing against naturopaths?  I suspect they don’t like true competition…

Anon - Melbourne

I’ve had naturopathic treatment from Josie since 2006 for various symptoms, such as acne, fatigue and most recently a very bad case of sinusitis which lasted over 1.5 years, which no amount of nasal sprays or antibiotics cured. I find that treatments provided by Josie come with not just a mix of herbs or careful assessment of diet and symptoms but also knowledge transfer, a catalyst for better life and health changes. I strongly recommend anyone looking to try naturopathic treatment to keep an open mind and try a session.

Elvira - Parkville

I have been to a few different Naturopaths and always felt like I was being lectured about the choices I had made in my life, my diet, my vitamin intake and what I should really be doing.

I never once felt like this when I met the wonderful Josie. I was recommended to see Josie by a friend. I had a small baby and needed help with my supplement in take, as a new mum who was breastfeeding. Josie made me feel so comfortable and it felt like we had been friends forever!!

I always look forward to seeing Josie and sometimes I go back and ask her for a kick to get myself back on track with diet etc.

When wanting to conceive our 2nd child, Josie was extremely helpful with all aspects of fertility.  Then following up with supplements to create a beautiful and healthy baby who was born 5 weeks early.

I feel comfortable to ask a variety of questions of Josie, knowing that they will always be answered professionally and with a great deal of knowledge.

Josie is also very magical with her massages, especially pregnancy ones.

I would recommend Josie to anyone. She is passionate about what she does and very good at it.

Vicki - Niddrie

Josie’s knowledge, compassion and support have helped me immensely whilst being treated for infertility.  Her commitment to understanding my health care needs and providing a holistic approach has helped my wellbeing while undertaking IVF treatment. Josie’s approach greatly complements the treatment I am receiving and I believe that her passion, sensitivity and knowledge make Josie an outstanding practitioner in her field.  I look forward to my visits with Josie – she makes me feel much more relaxed and focused after our consults.  Thank you for all of your help Jos!

Jenny - Pascoe Vale

I have been a client of Josie’s for about 8 years after a referral from a work colleague. I have always found her to be professional and caring, and I have really appreciated her thoroughness in addressing my concerns. Josie has been able to assist me with health concerns where I was getting the run around from GP’s and I had given up on finding a solution.

I admire her holistic approach and professionalism and cannot speak highly enough of Josie and Vita Natural Health

Syliva - Hoppers Crossing

I have been in Josie’s care for five years now, and the support, attention to detail and warmth I experience every visit is unmatched by any service provider I have been to.  Josie makes you feel comfortable and  intelligently problem solves, and explains to you exactly what is happening with your body so you have all the tools at your disposal to be a better, healthier, you.  Josie has not only helped me at the clinic, but she never hesitates to offer help and advice at any time be it via phone or email.  Josie has been there for me when Doctors have scratched their heads and I would (and quite often do) highly recommend her and the Vita Team!

Karen - Brunswick

I hit the jackpot finding Josie and Vita Natural Health about 7 years ago on my search for a naturopath in Melbourne CBD.

As a consummate professional, it is clear that Josie is not only passionate about naturopathy but also about making a positive impact on her clients wellbeing. When being cunsulted on your health, not only do you want your health professional to be competent, thorough and knowledgeable, but also compassionate, empathetic, caring and simply interested in you as a person.  Josie epitomises all these attributes whilst having the unrelenting drive to make all her patients healthier and feel good about themselves. I have and will continue to recommend Josie to my friends and colleagues who have also become long standing clients. 

David - St Kilda

I have been consulting with Josie for approximately 8 years, in particular on acute rash outbreaks and various other health issues. My outbreaks had been long terms issues – 20 years or more. I had previously consulted with many specialists and exhausted all kinds of tests.  The only thing they prescribed was steroids and steroid creams.  How toxic!!!!

Josie takes a holistic approach in her work; she is so thorough in the way she ascertains the problem at hand, always looking at the root cause, attributing circumstances, etc. – a very caring, compassionate, highly competent, knowledgeable and passionate Health Adviser.

On every other health issue I had, I have always had amazing results within the 1st few days of taking natural health supplements customised by Josie.

I am so blessed to have found such an amazing Naturopath!

Melissa - Melbourne

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(Corner of Napier St & Raleigh St – our clinic is located within Lifespan Osteopathy)

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