For many of us it’s the same pattern every year. The warm weather arrives and we want to be fit, slim and healthy-then hits party season. We overindulge, feel terrible and promise to cut it all out. The good news is you can be healthy and still have fun. Begin cleansing now, and by party time you will feel great and be rid of bad habits just in time to realise that if you keep up the good habits most of the time, a little bit of a treat every now and then won’t be a problem.

The end of the year is the perfect time to detox and rid the body of the bad habits and overindulgence of the winter months. Detoxing is not as hard as it may sound, and it certainly should not involve around starving yourself. In fact that is the worst thing you can do for your metabolism. It is all about using fresh and vital foods, combined with natural therapies, to give you boundless energy and glowing skin in no time.


Cleansing the liver helps to stimulate weight loss

Improved liver function has widespread beneficial effects including improved fat metabolism, hormonal balancing and reduction of allergic symptoms.

Improvement in the quality of your skin

Improvement of digestive function. Detoxing can relieve symptoms of sluggish bowels and greatly relieve bloating.

Increased energy and improvement of concentration and mood

Reduction in some types of headaches


Dietary requirements differ between individuals, so you should only follow a plan under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The general rules may be similar, but as we all have different health needs, the details will differ accordingly.

Be prepared- You need to do this at a time when you can relax, be prepared and will not be tempted to cheat. For example, there is no point starting a couple of days before Christmas, or when you have a lot of functions to go to.
Drink lots of water-at least 2 litres daily, and more if exercising. This can include herbal tea. Hot lemon water before a meal is beneficial as it stimulates digestion.

See the signs- Bad dietary habits are a form of addiction so don’t be surprised to see some side effects. Emotions may be intensified, but you’ll end up feeling way more clear- headed. If your diet is normally high in sugar you may feel tired at the beginning, but you will end up feeling far more balanced. Stopping caffeine may give you a headache for a couple of days, but this too will disappear.

Changing your diet goes a long way to enhancing detoxification, but when combined with appropriate herbs and nutrients the benefits can be even greater.

Be kind- If you slip up, forgive yourself and keep going. After about three days you’ll be over the hardest part and you won’t want bad foods when you realise how great healthy food makes you feel. By the end you will look and feel fantastic and your body will thank you!

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