As we have well and truly embarked on the new year I thought that I would take a moment to reflect on the common health trends that I am seeing in practice. An indication perhaps of where our health is at as a community?

The top 5 presentations include:

  • Stress
  • fatigue
  • lowered immunity
  • digestive and hormonal abnormalities. 


When I look at the list above – ‘stress’ is the common culprit that often instigates the onset of the other suboptimal health states. Biochemically, stress causes the body to release hormones that directly suppress your immune and digestive function. Over time, the sustained release of these hormones leads to fatigue and often hormonal irregularities.

So what is classified as stress?

Stress on the body can range from work or relationship pressures, excessive exercise or physical labour, a poor diet etc – thus the causes vary and can be mental, emotional or physical. Your body’s response to stress however is the same.

Unfortunately whilst there’s not a lot that conventional medicine can offer in the management of stress, natural medicine works wonders! Get in contact and let us provide you with the tools to restore you to optimal health!

yours in good health